February 2023 Forecast

February 2023  Forecast

February 2023 is a month full of introspection and reflection! Numerically, February is a number 2 that predicts plans, wrapping up what's been done in the past and laying out paths for the future.The Full Moon in Leo on the 5th brings heightened feelings, so keep your cool. Not only that, but with Mercury entering Aquarius on the 11th, communicative energy abounds! The fourth quarter Moon in Scorpio on the 13th draws us inward for some soul searching. February 18th brings us to an inspiring time - when the Sun enters Pisces, it's a great opportunity for creativity and reflection. The New Moon on the 20th falls in Pisces, inviting us to take a pause from daily life and connect with our true selves. Let's not forget when Venus enters Aries on the 20th - finally, relationships and activities will be filled with vigor and passion. Finally, the Gemini second quarter Moon on the 27th emphasizes social connections and allows us to come out of our shells. All in all, what a productive month it's going to be. Let's make this a month of self-discovery and rejuvenation!

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